Trinity Baptist Church was founded in 1972. In 1974, the church organized Trinity Baptist Schools as an educational ministry to teach Christian young people throughout Chittenden County. The student body has grown from thirteen students the first year to over one hundred seventy-five students this year from at least five counties.

Trinity Baptist Schools operates as a ministry of Trinity Baptist Church to assist parents in their responsibility (Deuteronomy 6:6-7) in conforming their children to the image of His Son (Romans 8:29). As the home, church, and school cooperate and work together, God’s plan for each child can be developed. Our entire school program is designed to help parents fulfill this command of God and to lead their children to a saving knowledge of and a continual growth in our Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible is the basis of all of our education and is foundational in the ministry of this school.

Therefore, we believe that there is no separation between the secular and the sacred…every bush is a burning bush and all ground is holy. To the Christian every task is sacred and every work and deed ought to be done to the glory of the Lord. Whether in Bible class, science laboratory, language study, on the ball field, or in the kitchen, all should be done to the best of our ability to His glory. As a result, we do not believe any student should be asked to accept a second-rate academic program in order to receive a Christian education.

Any parent with educational or spiritual expectations of his/her children other than those stated above may be dissatisfied with the program at Trinity Baptist Schools. Our rules, standards, and regulations are in effect to help us to do things decently and in order and in accordance with our understanding of the Word of God. Trinity Baptist Schools will not retain any student whose attitude or actions are not in harmony with school policy. Trinity Baptist Schools expects full cooperation from both students and parents in its educational and discipline policies.

To provide young people with the opportunity to receive a Bible-centered, solidly academic education that is conducive to spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional growth.
To produce mature Christians who will be examples of Christ to the world.
To teach respect for God, parents, and the church.
To build character by stressing the importance of a Godly life, love of our country, self-control, and a desire for excellence in every pursuit.
To establish our young people in the principles of God’s Word, so that they might stand boldly for the truth and show others the way to God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Enrollment Procedure
Enrollment for school will be finalized upon completion of the following:

Reading of the handbook,
A personal interview of the parents and prospective students by the administration,
An application form signed and dated by parents or guardians,
Testing the student if necessary,
A completed immunizations record on file as required for students in the State of Vermont,
A release form on file allowing medical attention to be obtained for minors,
Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age on or before the 1st day of September. (No exceptions can be made.)
Note About High School Transfers: Realizing that the transition into the Christian school is a very difficult one, our admissions policy does not allow for the enrollment of a high school transfer student after the ninth grade, unless the student and/or his family are members of Trinity Baptist Church.

Trinity Baptist High School and Elementary School are members of the American Association of Christian Schools, New England Association of Christian Schools, Christian Schools of Vermont, and the Vermont Principals’ Association.

Student Life
In the interest of training students with a well-rounded outlook on life, we encourage all young people to participate in their church activities, family activities, and various school activities. Extra-curricular school activities involve athletic competition on the varsity level in soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Music activities feature chorus, instrumental and vocal ensembles, band, and private music lessons. Students also have opportunities to participate in school plays and programs, yearbook (The Torch), in fine arts and academic competitions, class trips, field trips, and many more activities that will help broaden their horizons.